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Voice-over - Tenzer Animation
the voiceover is a key component to creating an effective animated explainer video. The voice should match the message and target audience. If your customer is younger, you might consider having a younger more energetic voiceover. If your product is more geared towards business owners, an older more seasoned voice might be appropriate. Make sure the voice is homegrown and not foreign because this will hurt your perception.
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Step 3 Voice-over

Which voice is right for the project? For the most part you are safe going with either  a man or a woman, young or old. Our voice-over actors are professionals and can accomplish more than one style or sound. But in general here are some guidelines to consider:


  • A female voice can be soothing, trustworthy and inviting
  • the male voice can be associated with strength and confidence.
  • An older voice is sometimes associated with wisdom
  • a younger voice tends to be more energetic


It’s very important to be conscious of accents. For example using a British accent for a company that does business in the US would not be a good idea because you will sound like a foreign company and your audience won’t identify with you. The voice also sets the timing of the animation which is why we need to record the voice-over and have it approved prior to starting production. We have partnered with independent voice-over artists all over the country and will provide demos upon request.

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  • Step 2 Artwork

  • Step 3 Voice-over

  • Step 4 Animation

  • Step 5 Sound