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Music and Sound Design - Tenzer Animation
Sound is half of our experience when watching a video. But most production companies who produce explainer videos just use loops. We believe your production deserves more which is why we create original music to picture for all of our explainer videos, animated ads and animated commercials. Music can help evoke emotions and will help immerse the viewer in the story.
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Step 5 Music and Sound Design

Music sets the tone, mood and connects with audience on a subconscious level. It needs to accurately represent the emotion of what’s happening on picture. It’s not just about “happy” or “sad,” there is an infinite number of emotions and things we express that lie in between the extremes. Knowing where to pause and how to build suspense is important in grabbing the attention of the audience. Instruments in themselves also bring out certain emotions and help create the setting, guitar is considered an outdoor instrument while piano is seen as indoors, the violin is intimate while the xylophone and tuba are well suited for cartoons. Having a production that’s strong in music and sound design can not only help it shine, but help the audience identify what you are trying to get across at an emotional level.


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