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Character Design and Setting - Tenzer Animation
The artwork for our explainer videos and animated commercials is custom and made from scratch, we don't use 3rd party templates. Prior to beginning the animation process, the character style and backdrops are sent for approval. We can create lots of different character styles from simple and modern to complex and detailed. This insures the production is original, engaging and doesn't look like it came from a factory.
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Step 2 Character Design & Setting

It’s difficult to know what you like or don’t like when only presented with one or two options. This is why we have a diverse team of artists who specialize in different styles of art and animation. We can do anything from a simple explainer video to full realistic 3D renderings. Whatever style you choose to go with, we will make sure and provide you character art and backdrops before we animate anything. We will provide the main characters, vehicles, important objects and key scene backdrops throughout the story so you can get a good idea of what the finished video will look like.

Examples of our initial artwork

 Prior to beginning the animation process we will provide you with initial artwork and backdrops similar to what you see below.

2D Art Style 1

This character style is nice, because its simple and easy to work with. Animation can be extremely time consuming, so having simple characters enables you to do more with them and save money while still telling a great story.

2D Art Style 2

This is another simple character style from a different artist. In this gallery we have included some nose and color styles to give you an idea of some of the options you can decide on. From the base character, we then adapt them and change their appearance to fit the different characters in the story.

2D Art Style 3

These characters and environments are more organic and rich in texture. The corresponding production was  animated by drawing and re-drawing the characters frame by frame. The first thing we provide is character samples, after the character style is approved the next step is environments, backdrops and character customization.

  • Step 1 Script

  • Step 2 Artwork

  • Step 3 Voice-over

  • Step 4 Animation

  • Step 5 Sound