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Animation Styles - Tenzer Animation
We use many forms of animation in our explainer videos, commercials and animated ads. This includes modern style animation using puppets, infographic style animation as well as frame by frame animation. We also do 3D animation as well as motion graphics.
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Step 4 Animation

There are many different styles of animation from 2D explainer videos all the way up to 3D animation used in today’s big budget feature films. In general animation is extremely time consuming and can take weeks to animate just a few seconds of video. This is way most explainer videos are fairly simple with not allot of motion and are generally mixed with symbols, words and graphics. We provide all types of different styles of animation at an affordable price. Below are examples of some of the options when it comes to 2D animation.

Infographic or whiteboard animation

An explainer video can be done in a “whiteboard style” where characters appear to be drawn right in front of your eyes. Another approach is an infographic style which combines simple characters with objects and words. Graphs and charts are animated and come to life as complex concepts are broken down so the viewer can digest them. This style is great for explaining concepts, education clients and customers or training employees.

2D Animation using puppets

Puppet animation is a technique where characters are illustrated, then separated at the joints onto individual layers and imported into animation software. The character is not animated each time it moves, rather there is a start and end point to each movement and the computer fills in the blanks. This is a more modern style of animation where the movement is extremely smooth and exact, it also saves time because the artist doesn’t have to constantly draw each new position.

2D Animation Frame by Frame

Frame by frame animation is the way cartoons used to be made. Ever notice how perfect today’s cartoons look? That’s because the movement is generated by a computer. Here, the cartoon has allot more character and texture. It feels organic, rich and alive. The first pass is typically a sketch, once the motion is set the artist then goes back over the piece coloring and texturing. This style is more time consuming, but your video will stand out because it look different then what people are used to seeing.

  • Step 1 Script

  • Step 2 Artwork

  • Step 3 Voice-over

  • Step 4 Animation

  • Step 5 Sound