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Our Process - Tenzer Animation
We have a simple 5 step process for creating 2D explainer videos and animated cartoons which allows us to create a production efficiently and effective. Our process starts with a written script. Once we have the script we proceed to the next two steps. recording the voice-over and delivering character art, backdrops and props. Once that is approved we move into animation, followed by the final step which is music and sound design. When we deliver the final project our clients are happy because we are able to meet and exceed expectations.
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Step 1 Script

Our process starts with a scheduled phone call. At that time you may share any initial thoughts on what you are trying to accomplish, what you want the video to do and who its going to be targeted to. We will talk about story development, character styles and learn all about your business. Our writers will then deliver a written script for approval. If you have a script, send it to us and we’ll give you feedback.

Step 2 Character Design & Setting

It’s important to determine what you like before we waste a bunch of time and money. Character sketches and art boards are important because they set the tone for what the animation is going to look and feel like. What will the main character look like? What’s the overall style of the animation? We will guide you of course and send you different styles of artwork to look at.

Step 3 Voice-Over

​If we are going to be using a voice over actor, we need to make sure his or her style is right for the video. We have a network of dozens of professional voice over actors to fit any project. We can send you examples of several different options so you can decide, or if you’d rather us make the determination that’s fine too.

Step 4 Animation

Once we have the script, voice-over and artwork approved, we can proceed to creating your video. It usually takes 2-3 weeks to complete production from this point, but we can always put in a rush if necessary . We put between 40 and 60 hours of time into 1 minute of animation.

Step 5 Sound

Music and sound design are very important and often undervalued in animated explainer videos. Many agencies simply grab royalty free loops and stick them in the background. We create original music in our productions because we believe it’s important to support the story and drama happening on screen.  After all Sound is 50% of the experience of watching a video. If you are looking for a particular style of music for your production, let us know and we will create it or license it for you.