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Founder and Team - Tenzer Animation
Tenzer animation was founded because of a need to help businesses explain themselves quickly and clearly to their customers and clients. Our founder and creative director Scott Tenzer has a background in film scoring and orchestration and we approach each production as if it were a feature movie not just a marketing video. Our team is comprised of talented writers, musicians, artists, animators, voice-over actors, composers and sound engineers, all working in harmony to deliver animated video marketing content that is truly engaging.
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Founder and Team

A little bit about Tenzer Animation

Tenzer animation began in 2016 because we realized the need to help small to middle sized companies compete on the online stage. They don’t have millions of dollars to spend on advertising, but their competition does. It is our goal to help level the playing field by providing hi-quality custom work at an affordable price. To meet the challenge of condensing a message down to its foundational principals and to tell a powerful, engaging and informative story.

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Scott Tenzer – Creative Director/Founder

I have been in video production since 2001, interviewing entrepreneurs and CEOs, creating commercials, films and telling stories of businesses. My background is in post-production, editing, film composition, song writing, orchestration and directing.

This company was born because a client asked me to do something I had never done before, create an animated explainer video. I had so much fun doing it and saw such a need for these types of videos that I decided to form my own company. I had already been networking with artists, designers, musicians, engineers and animators for many years so I was able to quickly put together a really talented team.

One of the things that makes me unique is my background in film scoring and orchestration, before going into video production I worked as a composer writing music for commercials and short films. While most companies view sound as a secondary and unimportant element, I view music and sound design as a critical element when it comes to story telling. Instead of using pre-recorded loops from a library, we write to picture so that the message pops and grabs the attention of the viewer.

I am passionate about storytelling and take pride in my work, for me it’s a fun challenge to learn about what someone does and break it down to its rawest elements. What do you do? why do you do it? and what makes you special? It’s my belief that every business is born for a reason, to solve a specific problem but over time that simple principal can get diluted and watered down. Its my job as a creative to bring that initial passion and purpose back into focus.



We have a fantastic Team!

We have a talented team of artists, animators, writers, musicians, narrators and engineers all ready to work hard on your project. Animation requires a team of diverse skill sets to get the job done right. These  productions are also extremely time consuming when done from scratch and often require long days and nights to meet the demands of our clients. We are thankful for their dedication and contributions, helping to bring you top notch work at an affordable price.