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About Tenzer Animation - Tenzer Animation
Tenzer Animation is a video marketing and Animation company who specializes in creating custom animated explainer videos, animated commercials and animated ads. We are a group of storytellers, artists, animators, musicians and sound engineers who have come together to help businesses connect with their audiences through dynamic storytelling. We have a unique process and an extremely talented team who specialize in short, engaging productions.
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About Tenzer Animation

We work hard to create powerful videos for our clients!

Tenzer Animation specializes in explainer videos, 2D and  3D animation, conceptual art as well as infographics and short looped animations. Sometimes it’s hard to grab people’s attention, concepts end up wordy and take way too long to explain and before the viewer even realizes what they are watching… they tune out. Animation is a great way to get your point across quickly, in an engaging and entertaining way and our team of writers will ensure your vision is portrayed clearly and concisely so the viewer gets it. Our work is custom, original and created from scratch so it stands out and speaks to your product or service. We are experts in the art of story telling and will advise you on the best way to approach the production.

2D Animation0%
3D Animation/Motion Graphics0%
Graphic Design0%
Post Production0%
Conceptual Art0%


We produce animated explainer videos, info-graphics and cartoons. We also offer related services which are listed below.

Graphic Design

Need custom graphics for your website, tradeshow or a magazine ad? A new logo? Our graphic department will come up with unique designs to fit your needs.

Motion Graphics

Everything from logo reveals to full 3D motion graphics. Our animators will create something unique and powerful for your production or website.

Post Production

We specialize in video editing, color correction as well as audio engineering, mixing and mastering

Live Action

We have a network of camera crews all over the US who can cover a live event or film a simple production at your offices. We are also have a full production facility in Los Angeles for product demos and commercials.

Original Music

We create original music for film, TV and commercials. Everything from contemporary to full blown orchestration.


Need a 30 or 60 second radio commercial? We can turnaround most projects in 48 hours.

  • Step 1 Script

  • Step 2 Artwork

  • Step 3 Voice-over

  • Step 4 Animation

  • Step 5 Sound