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5 ways animation and illustration can impact your business - Tenzer Animation
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5 ways animation and illustration can impact your business

c Original art  can be an important tool in your business arsenal, from concept art and illustrations to animated videos, showing potential customers and clients your vision and telling an engaging story can be very impactful. While there is definitely a place for stock photos and graphics, they tend to be overused. Here are 5 ways art can help impact your business.

Conceptual Illustrations

Major development projects often use illustrations to get across what their park, complex or shopping center will look like once its complete. But a small business can also use conceptual illustrations to show potential clients or investors their vision. Diagrams are functional but illustrations tell a story and can be used to show different applications or adaptations of a product. Below is an example of an illustration we created for a product that cleans VR headsets. Their business development team needed to show how their product could be applicable in different environments, in this case a VR game room showing the product attached to the backs of the headrests.


Animated Gifs on Instagram

Animated gifs have been around forever, but more and more companies are using Gifs and short looped videos  to engage with their audience on instagram and facebook. Cooking channels will create a sequence of photos which take the viewer through a recipe, a snack company might create a looped animated environment to show off a new ingredient or product.  In the example below we created an animated gif for a BBQ sauce company. These posts have much better engagement because they are unique and catch people’s eyes.


Animated Explainer Videos

These  productions are generally 1-2 minutes long focused on explaining the aspects of a company and the problem they are starting. They are great for start-up companies but anyone that is trying to get better engagement online should consider an explainer video. These videos should be entertaining, tell a story and show the audience how the product or service will impact their lives. Beyond marketing videos, animation can also be used for employment training and education.


YCS Group by Tenzer Animation from Tenzer Animation on Vimeo.


3D Renderings

Sometimes more realistic renderings are required to show the viewer great detail and depth. 3D animation can be life like or a diagram,  a still drawing or 3D animation. The example below is called an animagraff,  which are looped diagrams in motion, showing how stuff works and  are very effective at explaining a concept without allot of real estate.

How a Car Engine Works

Pitch Deck

A pitch deck is a brief presentation often made in  PowerPoint which consist of info-graphics and information about a  product or service. While many companies settle for templates, there is a great opportunity here for story development, original illustrations and interaction. A pitch deck doesn’t have to be static either, short videos, animations and motion graphics can help the content jump off the page.


Artists, illustrators, animators and writers are key in helping to companies bring concepts to life, showing investors their vision and explaining how their product or service works so the audience understands it quickly. Story development and relatable characters help the viewer connect with the product and retain information quicker, motion and original art help the content stand out and reach more people. But most companies don’t have an in-house  story development team consisting of a creative director, writer, artist, animator and composer.  Our team at Tenzer Animation specializes in working with companies, developing unique ways to engage with their audience. If you would like to learn more about how art can impact your business schedule a call through our online calendar system. Its easy and free.