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Tenzer Animation - Animated Ads, Animation Advertising & Explainer videos
We create custom, unique, animated ads, animations and explainer videos to help businesses engage effectively with their audience thru the power of story
animated ads, explainer videos, cartoon animation, 2d animation. animation ads. 3d animation
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Animated ads and explainer videos

We create Animated ads and explainer videos that connect with your audience. This is done by creating original artwork, character design and original music which entertains and educates your audience in a way that is clear and concise.

People respond to story and originality. We can help you be unique

our animated productions speak to your target audience because we put them in the story

We work hard to get your message across quickly and concisely

The story lines we create are relatable and connect with your customers and clients

cartoon pen sketch character writing scripts for animated ads


We are based in Los Angeles and are experts in animation advertising, creating engaging scripts and dynamic explainer videos. In our world simplicity is everything and we will help hone your message or concept so people can understand it quickly. We will grab your audience’s attention because our work is unique and custom.

All of our animated ads and explainer videos come with original artwork, design and original music.


Our writers will create a script that will nail the critical details as well as tell a good story

Professional Voice-over

We have a network of voice actors ready to breathe life into the script

2D Animation

2D animation is artistic motion in a two dimensional landscape. Our 2D animation styles range from frame by frame animation to after-effects style puppet animation

Concept Art

Sometimes businesses need concept art to express different applications for a product or the vision behind a new development. We create both realistic 3D renderings and artistic illustrations to help deliver your vision.

Animated Ads

An animated ad is a short, seamlessly looped 6-10 second animation or a picture in continuous motion. These types of animation advertisements are great for Instagram, Facebook and any other social media platforms..

Original Music

Music is half the battle! That's why we have composers who actually score to picture, helping to bring the picture to life.

Custom artwork

Our artists will draw custom characters, backdrops, props and environments. All the tools you need to give your company a unique and powerful voice.


Not perfect on the first draft? No problem, we allow revisions as long as they don't go outside the scope of production or script

3D Animation

We create 3D animation, 3D motion graphics and realistic 3D modeling.


Increase google rankings

higher click-through rate

Boost email responses

Turn visitors into buyers


We Put together a creative team just for you


Script writers, Creatives, artists, Voice-over actors, musicians and engineers are all here to make sure every digital inch of your project is top notch

sketch for animated video half colored in, half black and white
Kevin Herrera
Kevin Herrera
Scott and his team at Tenzer Animation came in on time, on budget and were are pleasure to work with, we highly recommend them.
Armen Eloyan
Armen Eloyan
It was a pleasure working with Scott. Results were better than I anticipated.
Drew & Genevieve Horsley
Drew & Genevieve Horsley
Scott does an amazing job of listening and creating something that reflects the vision I am going for. I would highly recommend him for his animation and graphics services. Everything he does is well-received and complimented by those I work with in the business community.